Start Your Own Business: A seminar for aspiring entrepreneurs

FSA, BESS, DHNUS and AESUS, supported by MCSS & MCGSS, proudly present a comprehensive conference on entrepreneurship during which attendees will learn the basics of starting your own business.


Speakers from various backgrounds will share their knowledge, tips and tricks on how to turn a business idea into a successful start-up, face challenges and strive in today's markets.

Following the talks, attendees will have the chance to chat with guest speakers during a discussion over a free dinner - catered by Out of The Garden Project and DHNUS.

This event is open to all Macdonald Campus students, and Student IDs will be scanned at the door. Book your spot right now at: and come join us in CC-163 for this insightful seminar! 

Also follow the facebook event to get updates here:

Don't miss this opportunity to network with professionals and learn about the path towards successful entrepreneurship”


Event Date and Time: 
Lundi, novembre 19, 2018 - 17:45