New: OFF-CAMPUS Rez Warz Team

For the first time ever, we are adding a COMunity Off-Campus Team to Rez Warz! Rez Warz is a yearlong competition. Each month, teams from every Residence and COMunity compete in a chosen competition and earn points. The team with the most points is awarded in April! Rez Warz is about expressing team spirit, being active, having fun, and engaging with peers.

Some Rez Warz events are: soccer, Ultimate Frisbee, improv, Iron Chef, dodgeball, pub night trivia, and basketball. Events like improv and Iron Chef have featured celebrity guest judges from the University faculty and the greater Montreal community.

Interested? Add yourself to the Facebook group or email us at with the subject line: REZ WARZ Off-Campus Team! Please include your full name and McGill email in the email.

Feel free to invite your OFF-CAMPUS FIRST YEAR friends!