Women in Agriculture -Nov 14th

Come join us on Tues,  Nov 14th for a conference of Women in Agriculture in the Ceildh at 6:30pm! *Light meal and refreshments will be provided*
You will hear about women sharing their experience of living from agriculture!

Topics like challenges of being a woman in this field and if it makes a difference, the current work of the guest speakers and their inspirations will be discussed!


Marie-Pier Gosselin
(Dairy farmer at Fromagerie Au Gré des Champs)

Elisabeth Vachon
(Agronome, coordinator of the Agriculture Raisonnée program)

Clémence Briand-Racine
(Organic vegetable farmer at Santropol)

Rebecca Phaneuf-Thibault
(Organic vegetable farmer at Heartbeet Community Farm )

Lydie Blanchard
(Dairy farmer, owner of a dairy farm in Ontario)

This event is sponsored by AFAQ (Association des Futur(e)s Agronomes du Québec)

For more information, you can contact:
Caroline Begg, Ph.D (Faculty Lecturer, Plant Science, McGill University): caroline.begg@mcgill.ca
Laura Bony

See you there!!

Event Date and Time: 
Tuesday, November 14, 2017 - 18:30