SEDE: Social Equity Undergraduate Research Awards

Social Equity Undergraduate Research Awards (SEURA) will be offered to three Arts undergraduate students and two Science undergraduate students to conduct a social equity research project during summer 2018!

The Social Equity and Diversity Education (SEDE) Office, in collaboration with the Faculty of Arts Internship Office (ARIA) and with the Science Undergraduate Research Awards (SURA) office aim to provide equity training and research opportunities for undergraduate students, by allocating funds for them to conduct research involving strong components pertaining to equity, diversity, and social justice, full-time, during summer. You are eligible if you are enrolled in an undergraduate program in the Faculty of Arts or in the Faculty of Science (B.A., B.Sc., or B.A. & Sc.), returning to McGill in Fall 2018, and your work shows a commitment to an equity, diversity, or social justice issue.

For full details on how to apply, check out the SURA or ARIA websites, or contact SEDE at

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