Macdonald Campus Students’ Society (MCSS) contributes to the betterment of student life by encouraging and facilitating student activities. Since 1914, the Clubs Fund is a source of financial assistance for events and activities. All recognized clubs of MCSS are eligible for the fund. Applications are reviewed by the MCSS executive council.

Each semester, MCSS plans a gathering (MACtion) with an executive from each of the current clubs on Macdonald Campus to learn about the services offered by MCSS, as well as learning about how to apply for club funding. 

This event happens in the beginning of October in the Fall semester, and in January of the Winter semester. If you missed this mandatory meeting, please contact


The 2 forms attached below are mandatory to fill out and be submitted to by the due date (stated on the form).

All forms are to be submitted to 


Thanks to all the clubs at Mac and we're looking forward to meeting you!