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Intern abroad Summer 2018

AIESEC is the world largest student run non-profit organization. We aim to develop high quality youth leaders by sending students abroad for volunteering (6-8 weeks) and internships (4-12 months).

If you want to get a life-changing experience, get out of your comfort zone, emerging your culture with other, sign up here:

Out of the Garden Project Café

Hello everyone! This week we are spicing up our regular Buddha Bowl and turning it into a Tofu Fusion Bowl!! Best of all, OGP is dreaming of a sunny summer like you are! That's why, we are serving you the Tropical Breeze Smoothie. Yummm~

As usual, we are having our dollar meals including the Breakfast AvoToast and Dollar Desserts (Lemon Bar and Chocolate Muffin). See you in the Ceilidh Bar, Tuesday and Wednesday from 10AM to 2PM


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