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Food Evolution Free Screening

In a world full of alternative facts, fake news and misinformation, how can we separate the truth from the nonsense?

FSA is partnering with Food for Thought to bring you a free screening of Food Evolution, an exciting documentary that shows how easily misinformation, confusion and fear can overwhelm objective analysis. How do we ensure that our food supply is safe, and that everyone has enough to eat? How do we feed the world while also protecting the planet?

Dietetics Food Booth -Oct 27th

Want to know how to eat healthier with local food and easy recipes?

Come to the food booth run by dietetics students on Friday, Oct 27th, at 11:00AM in the MS Faculty Lounge (MS2-022) and taste the delicious sample and learn how to give your body a treat with food from Mac Market.

This week we will provide a Squash Salad sample.

See recipe and info sheet attached.


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