Conferences & Seminars

Women’s Health Awareness Day 2017-Downtown

Women’s Health Awareness Day 2017 will be held at McGill’s New Residence Hall on Sat, March 18, 2017.

This promotional health event will have experts, including medical doctors, professionals and PhDs in a variety of fields, who will be leading plenary sessions on specific topics in women’s health. This event will provide evidence-based information from people who deal with health on a daily basis. 80 women from the Montréal community are invited to take part as guests in this beneficial event. 

Food Solutions Challenge - Mac Campus

How might we move toward a more carbon neutral and/or carbon positive food supply chain? Develop your idea at our Food Solutions Challenge ideation lab!

LEARN about the impact of and connections between food production, climate change, and the need to feed a growing global population

IDEATE solutions for these complex, interconnected issues with like-minded students from different academic departments.


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