Language Café

Every Monday night, Students who wish to learn the French language are welcome to attend the FREE Language Café.
The Café is hosted by MSOAR and the Housing Office.
All are welcome and no French language background is required.

see poster attached

Confabulation: Storytelling Workshops

Macdonald Undergrads and graduate students are invited to craft their stories at 4 interactive storytelling sessions with Matt Goldberg, founder of Confabulation.  Interested students are expected to attend all 4 sessions:  Wednesdays Oct 4, 11, 18, 25 at 12pm –1:30 pm.

"Recent breakthroughs in neuroscience reveal that our brain is hardwired to respond to story; the pleasure we derive from a tale well told is nature's way of seducing us into paying attention to it.“


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