Mac Astronomy Club

If you've ever been interested in places besides the Earth, the Mac Astronomy Club is probably a good place for you. We like to think of ourselves less as stargazers and more as trailblazers in the fields of astronomy...and believe us, there's a lot of fields that need our help. With (near) weekly sessions and a solid group of devoted friends, there's nothing missing from M.A.C except you! Shoot us an E-Mail at and we look forward to chilling at our next session :)

Other Advocacy & Education clubs

CAFP at Macdonald campus is the junior branch of a national association.
The Mac Good Food Box is your on-campus source of very fresh & (mostly) local fruits and vegetables, available to you at a VERY affordable price!
As food revolutionaries, Happy Belly applies the principle of ''Think globally, act locally''.
Membership to the Livestock Club is open to all students from Macdonald campus of McGill University.
The Macdonald Student-Run Ecological Garden is a diversified vegetable farm located at the Macdonald Campus of McGill University in Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, Quebec.  
The McGill Global Food Security Club raises awareness and organizes projects focusing on food security issues at the local and global level. The club is a hub for student projects.
Raise awareness about and take action in developmental, social, and healthcare issues of concern worldwide