McGill Wildlife & Environment Association (MWA)

We are a student organization dedicated to promoting wildlife and environment related activities around campus. We promote conservation, sustainability, and other related subjects through documentaries, speaker presentations, field trips, and events. Any student is eligible to apply and the scope of activities/events is wide. 

The Objectives of the MWA are listed below: 

1. The main focus of the organization is to broaden our knowledge of wildlife and nature through activities and field trips 

2. Provide information on wildlife conferences, workshops, and happenings in the Montreal and surrounding area through club email and our Facebook page ( 

3. The organization will serve as a mentor-ship program with networking opportunities as it is open to all McGill undergraduate and graduate students. 

4. Provide multiple events giving every club member the opportunity to attend an event that suits their interest and budget.

5. Provide the opportunity to offset the cost of events to members by regular fundraisers. Each member that participates in a fundraiser will be eligible to receive a portion of the money raised towards an activity or field trip. 

Other Environment & Sustainability clubs

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We do it because we want to eat good food. Because we want to do something meaningful with our hands, not just in theory. try it out, see how it works! Because we love to get to know people.
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Raise awareness about and take action in developmental, social, and healthcare issues of concern worldwide
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